Byzantine Chainmaille DIY kits


I don’t usually post pictures of myself, but I just liked this costume so much. This is my own Hatter. It’s only slightly based off of other versions of the Mad Hatter. This design has been floating in my head for awhile and it’s made to be a female.

(via red owl print bird art wall art reproduction limited by corid)


One of the things I have recently decided to try out is Quilling.

I am excited about this.

What started all of this was when I saw Yulia Broadskya’s work its amazing. The attention to detail the colors everything. Just look at all her Work on her web site ( it’s really neat to look at. 

I will be making my own paper strips since the Micheal’s crafts by my house doesn’t sell them anymore *Le Sigh* 

The only hard part for me is keeping the strips the same size. I didn’t realize how important it was till I went to actually make the letter outline :( and the sides were un-even made it look a little weird… I will try it again in round two.

Wish me Luck! 


Whose is this face in my mirror

that looks remarkably like me?

Yet her hair is clean and brushed

No one would would tease her that it’s a tangled mess.

Whose face is this in the mirror

with teeth so white and straight?

No one would say she resembles a bucktoothed rabbit.

Whose body is in…